Magnetic field measurement (Aurora)

Earth magnetic field is affected by solar winds coming from Sun. Solar winds are causing aurora. This unit measures magnetic Field and alerts from aurora

Current magnetic field in Ilmajoki

Unit construction

System desing

The Simple Aurora Monitor (SAM) magnetometer system is a sophisticated semi-professional geomagnetometer designed by Dirk Langenbach and Karsten Hansky. My unit has 2 sensors located 1m under ground in plastic tube.

Today this kit can be purchased

My station architecture and design

My station consist from The Simple Aurora Monitor (SAM) device connected to pc running Sam-View application and uploading images to web server.

Additionally to that Relay contact indicating Aurora alert is connected to small ESP-Mini device connected to my Home automation (Home Assistant) thru Wifi-connection. Home Assistant has function to send notification (E-Mail, Hangouts, etc)